The extra sliding apparatus provided by OpenWheeler's collapsible chair allows you to move backwards and forwards till you discover your best racing stance. The rail slider is a customary tool included at no extra fee, unlike other car racing game cockpits.

F1™ Game Racing Cockpit
Game Racing Cockpit

F1 Game Cockpit

Quickly advance your navigating capabilities. Try the OpenWheeler racing game cockpit. Just one single time. For a lap on the speedway. With your best-loved fantasy road racing car. What a thrill! No terms can express it... £270 pounds or $400 (four hundred US dollars) is the monetary value of the driving game cockpit.

F1™ Game Cockpit
OpenWheeler Best Game Racing Seat
Open Wheeler Game Racing Seat XBOX™
Best F1™ Simulator Seat

Does OpenWheeler supply a home video game driving wheel and pedals by default?

If you demand you can of course have OpenWheeler provided together with one of Logitech's home video game driving wheels. We are an official Logitech distributor and offer attractive prices for...

A car game racing simulator cockpit for PlayStation, XBOX, Wii and PC

Racing Game Simulator Review Cockpit simulators have changed the manner in which they adapt to the ultra realistic virtual racing video games, owing to the fact that playing with a normal gaming contrivance does not produce...